The Expert  Installation Process of Retaining Walls

Installation of Retainig Walls-Planning and Preparation

Installation of Retainig Walls - Excavation

Step 1: Planning and Preparation Mark out the location of the wall. Before digging, call local utilities and cable to mark locations (this is usually a free service). Draw plan view showing measurements and grade elevations. The elevations are required to calculate how many retaining wall blocks are required. Go to a Unilock® Authorized Dealer who will calculate the amount of materials and estimate the cost.


Step 2: Excavation   a minimum of 6" - 12" deep is excavated depending on the size of wall unit you are using.   all loose soil removed. Remember that you need a minimum of 3" of gravel base and at least 3" of wall unit buried below grade level to help "toe in" the wall. You can save on materials if you step the wall up or down to accommodate the grade.


Installation of Retainig Walls - Base compacting with vibrating plate

Installation of Retainig Walls - Levelling the blocks

Step 3: Base  3" - 6" of gravel placed  in the trench and compacted using a hand tamper until very hard. In areas with more than 6" of gravel, we'll compact in 3" layers and leave enough room for the first row of wall units to be buried below grade level. The final height of the installation will determine the exact level that must be set.


Step 4: The levelling  Some wall styles come as "doubles" they are split first then the blocks individually  levelled using a mallet and a small level. We'll ensure that all blocks are levelled from side-to-side and front-to-back. After the first row is in, the rest of the units can be stacked, we off-set all vertical joints by starting with a block cut in half..


Installation of Retainig Walls - Finishing with concrete adhesive


Step 5: Finishing  When placing our final row of blocks, (in some cases this might be a special cap called "coping"), we must glue them on with Unilock®'s Concrete Adhesive.  After gluing, we place in soil, put in sod, or install plants to complete your installation.




Interlocking Stone Pavers - Permanence - Versatility

Homeowners, builders and landscape architects get lasting peace of mind from choosing interlocking concrete pavers. Our extensive selection of quality, pre-cast paving stones offers timeless solutions for projects involving driveways, walkways, outdoor patios and pool areas.

Why? Simply put, paving systems provide the aesthetic appeal and durability of natural aggregates at an economical price. Interlock paving stones withstand high traffic and rugged weather conditions.

Retaining Walls - Permanence - Versatility

These are many benefits of  manufactured from high-density concrete retaining wall systems.  They offer strengths comparable to natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Each piece has been precision manufactured to fit or lock into place.

Block retaining walls require no foundation and lock together without pins, clips or mortar. The front lip creates a built-in setback and the hollow core makes them easy to handle, easy to stack and promotes built-in drainage.

As a result, retaining wall systems have become the preferred building blocks for a myriad of residential and commercial landscape projects.

Today's modern manufacturing techniques and colour blending ensure that, whether your project involves a garden planter or a large retaining wall project, the end result is a job you'll be proud to call your own.

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